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Pearl Harbor Facility Use Agreement and Application

Please use this resource to reserve the Pearl Harbor Memorial Chapel for your next event.

Chapel Facilities Agreement for Groups and Events

Please read the following. By submitting an Application For Use Of Chapel Facilities you are acknowledging that you have read and understood the responsibilities contained in this document. 

Use of a chapel or any of our facility spaces for special religious services, ceremonies, or events will be on a not-to-interfere basis with regularly scheduled CRP (Command Religious Programs) events. The following order of priority governs chapel use: 

Priority I – Command Religious Program Activities 

Priority II – Command Sponsored Events 

Priority III – Other Events 

Your reservation may be cancelled if the space (s) is needed due to a crisis. i.e.: Memorial Service for a Military Service Member. 

Requestor must fall under the guidelines of Eligible Personnel: Refers to all active duty personnel, reservists, retired military, military dependents, as well as Department of Defense personnel. Requestor must hold and present a valid Military, Military Dependent ID that was issued them through the DoD or the Military. The privilege to use our space is given to card holders only. If you are reserving the space for a family member who is not a valid card holder we reserve the right to deny the use of the space without question. 

I understand recurring events reservation– upon approval will expire THREE MONTHS from the date of the first meeting. It will be the responsibility of the group POC to remember to resubmit new paperwork for the next Three months. 

I understand the chapel is available only for events that are suitable and consistent with their sacred character. Chapel accouterments (altar et al.) are always off limits, except for religious observance authorized by the Command Chaplains. 

I understand that the chapels and facilities should ONLY be used for Command Religious Programs (as stated in JBPHHINST1730.1A), training and meeting purposes that are suitable to our spaces. Facility spaces should NEVER be used for recreational type events that are offered through MWR i.e., workout sessions, arts and crafts, child care services when group is not using our spaces, or any other type of events that may raise a concern of hygiene and personal safety. Receptions, and Parties are strictly PROHIBITED. 

I am responsible for notifying the chaplain’s office of any cancellation of meetings or further use of the space requested. 

I understand that any necessary repairs due to damage of space (s) and or property within the spaces will be charged to eligible person or sponsoring command. 

I understand that Group Meetings are responsible for bringing their own toys, games, dvd’ s, and craft items for planned activities. 

There is no use of chapel organ, piano, or any other musical instruments without the approval of chapel staff 

I understand any personal items left behind will be placed in the chapel office LOST and FOUND box for a period of (30) Thirty days after which unclaimed items will be given away to a Joint Base donation center. 

Smoking and Alcohol of any kind are prohibited at all times on and around the chapel grounds including the parking lot. Smoking is permitted at the smoking pit by the volleyball courts. 

Food and Drinks are ONLY allowed in the Fellowship Hall and Lanai. NO food is permitted in the Chapels at any time. Water is permitted with a spill proof lid only  


I understand the use of kitchen does not constitute use of its consumable items (paper plates, cups, eating utensils, coffee, tea, creamers, sugar, etc.). Person(s) or supporting command should supply these items for the event. 

Use of the kitchen refrigerator is mainly for chapel staff and chapel lead events. If you need to use the refrigerator for your event please ask the chapel staff for approval. 

Children must be supervised at all times. Sitter must be CPR qualified. They must provide a copy of qualification’s for chapel records. 

All tables and chairs must be cleaned and returned to the original arrangement of the space using. Do NOT move tables and chairs between rooms without prior permission. All other chapel equipment may NOT be moved without the approval of the chapel staff. 

Floors must be swept and mopped at the end of each scheduled event. There is a cleaning locker key provided with facility key. A bucket and mop are provided outside with cleaning solution already inside bucket. 

Outside bathrooms should be cleaned if unforeseen accidents occur. 

All rooms with carpet must be vacuumed. 

Ensure all lights, fans, DVD players, televisions, and air conditioners are turned OFF in the spaces. Blinds and curtains are drawn down, doors are secured. 

All trash must be bagged and disposed of at the trash dumpster located by the Tennis Court closest to Bldg. 150. 

I am responsible for checking out the key to use the spaces from the chaplain’s office during the hours of (0730-1500 MON – THU and 0730-1130 on FRI). 

I am responsible for placing the key in the drop box located at the main entrance of the chaplain’s office after the event. 

I understand that loss of a key will result in a replacement fee of $10.00 

I am responsible for filling out and turning in the “Group Checklist Sheet” when turning in the key 

I understand that failure to comply with the responsibilities and policies of the chapel facilities will result in the cancellation of further use of PHMC facilities.