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Aloha! We are pleased that you are interested in utilizing Hickam Chapel as the place to begin your marriage. A marriage ceremony in the Chapel and/or led by a military chaplain is a religious service of worship and not a civil ceremony. Only ordained and authorized clergy representing religious bodies recognized by the Armed Forces Chaplains Board are authorized to officiate. 

All wedding ceremonies in the Chapel are to be done reverently, with dignity and in good taste. 

Marriage is never to be entered into hastily or without advisement. In every case our chaplains desire to meet with the couple prior to the ceremony for pre-marital counseling and to discuss the specifics of each wedding. 

We pray that God will bless you as you enter this exciting new life together. 


Either the bride or groom must have a valid military or dependent ID card for use of the Chapel facility, valid on the date of the wedding. Due to manning limitations, an Air Force chaplain is normally only available to officiate weddings for Air Force active duty personnel or parishioners who regularly attend their worship service. 


For any person to lawfully marry in the State of Hawaii, a license for that purpose must be obtained from an authorized agent (Section 572-1.7, Hawaii Revised Statutes). To download an application and for more information, visit 



There is no charge for use of the Chapel facilities and by regulation chaplains cannot accept payment for performing services.However, you may make a donation to the Chapel Tithes & Offerings Fund if desired. Visit: You may incur fees for services you schedule, such as a wedding coordinator, musician, florist, photographer, civilian minister, etc.



The Wing Chaplain or representative must approve any requests for a civilian minister to officiate your wedding in the Chapel. The minister must provide a letter of intent and a copy of their ordination credentials. They must also adhere to our wedding policy. Only Hawaii State licensed and religiously ordained ministers may perform wedding ceremonies in the Chapel. Civil ceremonies are not permitted. 


Seasonal decorations are not to be removed. You can provide any flower decorations you would like. However, decorations are NOT to be tacked, glued, or taped to Chapel furnishings. 

Furniture will NOT be moved unless authorized by the Chaplain. Only dripless candles or candles with drip paper are allowed and will not be affixed to pews, walls, etc. 


Air Force chaplains are not required to officiate weddings. Denominational requirements and religious convictions may restrict a chaplain from performing a marriage. Chaplains will assess all requested wedding request to the best of their ability. Once your wedding is approved, a chaplain will be designated to perform your ceremony.


Please be advised Protestant chaplains are endorsed by various denominations, each with their own requirements and/or limitations with regard to performing weddings. Speak with your chaplain for further details. You must coordinate your wedding with a chaplain a minimum of three months prior to the date of the wedding. This requirement is for ALL Protestant weddings. 


Wedding Party Military Member must contact a chapel priest at a minimum of six months prior to their wedding date. They will discuss with you the detailed requirements for a Catholic wedding, including needed paperwork, a weekend Marriage Encounter retreat, and pre-marital counseling. Also, Catholic weddings must occur inside the Chapel. Outdoor (including beach) weddings are not permitted by the Catholic Church. 


Pre-marital counseling is a mandatory requirement for all couples and will be coordinated with the officiating chaplain. The wedding will not be conducted if all counseling requirements are not completed. 


Photographers may photograph or video-record the ceremony. You and your photographer need to consult with the officiating minister and wedding coordinator prior to the wedding. Posed photos may be taken within the two-hour time allotment for your wedding. 


The American Flag and the contents of the hymnal racks will not be removed. No seasonal decorations will be removed. 

All wedding parties are required to be ready at the scheduled time and should arrive one hour before the scheduled ceremony. The Chapel must be cleared an hour after the scheduled time (90 minutes for a Nuptial Mass). 

The throwing of rice, confetti, seeds, etc. is PROHIBITED in or on the Chapel grounds. Please advise your wedding party and guests. Some bridal companies and party stores carry small bottles of bubbles, which may be used outside the chapel facility. 

Smoking in Chapel facilities is PROHIBITED by Air Force regulation. 

Alcoholic beverages (other than ecclesiastical wine used in worship) are PROHIBITED by regulation. The wedding ceremony will not be conducted if any member of the wedding party is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

Formal or informal military or civilian attire can be worn. Flowers will not be worn on the Air Force uniform. Space for dressing is limited and it is suggested that the wedding party arrive at the Chapel dressed in their wedding attire. No valuables are to be left unattended at any time. The Chapel is not responsible for lost items. 


Receptions are not permitted in the Chapel. 


The entire wedding party must be present and on time for the rehearsal. You only have one hour for the rehearsal.



To reserve the Chapel for your wedding, your chaplain will discuss dates and times with you. You must submit a facility request form, which will be processed with our facility manager to ensure there are no conflicts with other scheduled events. Only the chaplain who is conducting or sponsoring your wedding can approve your facility reservation. 

The time for weddings must be strictly observed so that other wedding parties or worship groups will not be inconvenienced. It is your responsibility to notify your officiating minister, the chapel staff, wedding facilitator, and other parties for changes and cancellations.Wedding time blocks will be scheduled on Saturdays for two hours (an hour for setup before and one hour for the ceremony, photos, and clean up). The time options are: 0900-1100, 1100-1300, and 1300-1500. 

Weddings should normally be scheduled on Saturday with a Friday rehearsal, but other days and times can be coordinated with your sponsoring chaplain. Regularly scheduled Chapel activities and services have priority. 

Chapel facilities and/or chaplains are normally not available on the following days: 


Federal HolidayWeekends 

PACAF Family Day Weekends 

Saturday before Christmas through January 7 

Holy Week (Palm Sunday-Easter) 

Thanksgiving Eve 

Vacation Bible School 


If you have invited guests to your wedding who do not have a base pass, it is your responsibility to make prior arrangements with the Security Forces Visitor Control Center to obtain base access for them. 


If you choose to have music, remember that your wedding is a service of religious worship. Please save secular music for your reception. Your chaplain must approve all music.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with a chaplain please call Hickam Chapel Center at 808-789-8111 or E-Mail us at




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