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Aloha and Greetings to our JBPHH Jewish 'Ohana:

Below you will find a letter and information from the JWB-Jewish Chaplains Council followed by links and contact information to your JBPHH Jewish Community. Shalom to you and yours.


Passover is among the most important religious festivals of the year for our Jewish sailors, marines, soldiers, airmen, and civilians—a time to gather with family and community to celebrate spiritual freedom and connect or reconnect with their Jewish identity.

Passover will begin at sundown on Wed., 8 April 2020, with a ritual meal known as a seder, which includes symbolic foods and the retelling of the story of the Exodus from Egypt. One of the symbolic foods eaten during the week-long holiday is matzah, unleavened bread, which represents the bread that was hastily prepared by the Israelites before fleeing Egypt. Passover is more than a date on the calendar; rather it marks the moment at which the Israelites began their journey from slavery to freedom. As a springtime festivity, Passover’s customs reflect, in part, rebirth after the winter and the possibility of making positive change in our lives. For example, cleaning one’s home of leavened products, which Jews refrain from eating during Passover, can be likened to a spiritual spring-cleaning in which we hope to better ourselves in the coming season.

This year, due to COVID-19, most military communal Passover seders have been canceled. Yet, this holiest of days goes on. Therefore, we encourage all Jews to participate in live-streamed and video seders. The links below are provided to ensure that all members of the U.S. armed forces have access to a seder via the zoom app available on almost any device/computer.

Date/Time Time Zone Leading Chaplain Link Password (if any)

8 APR 1730 Central European Summer Time * Chap. Sarah Schechter, USAF *

8 APR 1800 Eastern Daylight Time *Chap. Steve Ballaban, USN * password: 032724

LOCAL JBPHH Jewish Passover and Community information:

First Night Seder

When: April 8, 2020

Where: Your home

Why: As good of a place as any...😁

Who: You, your placemates, virtual friends, etc.

What: Sederizing...celebrating...drinking four cups of liquid that could be wine?

Items that you may need: matzah, wine, grape juice, charoset (apples, raisins/dates, wine, cinnamon, walnuts or not), parsley, horseradish/daikon, egg, shankbone, candles, salt, and a lot of yummy passover foods. A haggadah would probably be very helpful.

SO LET US KNOW HOW WE CAN HELP YOU. WE HAVE HAGGADOT (many haggadahs) to lend. Also candles and boxes of matzah to share.

For assistance in preparing for Passover there is an abundance of material online. We can suggest sites but would like to let you explore


COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT as of March 27th 2020

Kokua Mau-Continuous Care (, Hawaii's dedicated hospice and palliative care organization has invited the Jewish community to sew masks for hospice workers and other caretakers.

Patterns and information for the masks are available on

If you can help out, please let them know. For more details, please contact Hope Young


Shabbat Shalom